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Do you have further questions about Sinai Divers Aqaba or diving & travelling to Jordan? Please check out the section below featuring the most frequently asked questions! In case there is something you need to know and you can’t find the answer here, please use our Contact Form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Most nationalities require a visa, which can be obtained prior to arrival, or they can be issued at the airport if arriving by air. A single entry visa costs JOD 10,- (13,50 €), is valid for one month and is payable in Jordanian Dinars only. Extensions are possible for up to three months and are available at any police station. All visitors require a passport valid for at least six months after date of arrival in the country and all tickets and documents for onward travel.

The local currency is the Jordanien Dinar JOD. Not all shops will accept foreign currency. Most hotels and banks will change money for you provided you have your passport for identification. Exchange rates will vary so shop around. Credit cards can be used at many shops and restaurants. Cash machines to withdraw money by credit card are also available.

The official language is Arabic. English is widely spoken.

Jordan Standard Time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+2). Jordan operates Daylight-Saving Time between the last Friday in April and the last Thursday in September when the clocks are 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3).

At present no inoculations are required to travel to Jordan. Best advice when travelling to Jordan is to avoid eating raw greens and ice in your drinks. We would recommend to use local specific medication to deal with diarrhea / digestive. Pharmacies do sell most medication without a prescription. Sun pro-tection is essential and due to the high air temperatures is very important to take care of sufficient fluid intake. A minimum of 3 ltr. of fluid (ideally water) per day is advisable. There are several medical facilities and Hospitals in Aqaba .Any div-ing related accidents or injuries will be treated in the modern decompression chambers of the Navy with a 24 hour call-out service .The chamber doctors speak english and have special training in hyperbaric medicine

The majority of the population (95 %) are Sunni Muslims. Among the 4 % Christians, one may find Circassians and Armenians. Since this a country is very rich in culture and history, the influence of Islam in most aspects of daily life is apparent. The weekend is from Friday to Saturday, and most companies are closed. Friday is the official day off, and governmental institutions, banks etc. are closed on this day as well. Alcohol is available except during Ramadan; however, it is rather expensive. There are exceptions in certain touristic areas and hotels. In general, Jordanians are a bit more reserved than other Arabs (in comparison to Egypt and Lebanon). It is expected to show respect and modesty, especially the way you dress. One should avoid tight and revealing clothing if going into the city. Going topless on the beaches is not advisable. Nevertheless, Jordanians are very friendly to visitors and their welcoming hospitality is part of their Bedouin heritage.


Located in the southernmost part of Jordan, Aqaba is the only port city in Jordan . Surrounded by mountainous deserts, Aqaba is not far from other attractions in Jordan such as the desert Valley of Wadi Rum and the ancient city of Petra. However, without a doubt, the main attractions in Aqaba are the pristine coral reefs, containing highly unique marine animals that are well-protected in the Marine Park of the Gulf. The city is a year-round destination with the best diving months from April to November.

There are international flights from most European countries with a stop over in Amman. Turkish Airlines is flying to Aqaba via Istanbul .The flight time is be-tween 4 and 7 hours (depending on the country of departure. Domestic Flights from Amman take around 45 min. The transfer from the airport to the centre Aqaba takes about 1/2 hrs.

We can arrange transportation to and from Aqaba airport for you! If you booked a package holiday with a tour operator, your transportation to the hotel where our diving centre is located can also be arranged.

The Diving Center ist located in the Mövenpick Resort Tala Bay , 15 km from the centre of town.

Accommodation ranges from 3 to 5 star hotels, guesthouses and budget lodging. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We will recommend places we usually work with according to your Budget. We provide free transportation to the diving centre from all Hotels in Aqaba.


We dive all year round- it is what we love to do! The winter season (mid Nov. to end of March) is not too warm but is less busy than the popular summer season.

The weather in Jordan is the typical dry desert climate with sunshine all year round and possible rainfall (few hours during 3-4 days) usually in Dec. and Jan. During the winter (Nov. – Apr.) the air temperature is around 18 C and a max. of 25 C . In Jan / Feb night temperatures can drop to 10 C and below. In the sum-mer (May - Oct.) air reaches 40 C. Humidity is generally very low so even 45 C in the peak summer month are not real uncomfortable.

Water temperatures varies from a max. of 28 °C in the summer to a lowest of 20 °C in winter. Storms are rather seldom.

Depending on your personal sensitivity we recommend a 5-7mm wetsuit or semi-dry suit for the winter season, especially when doing a third dive. A hooded vest is useful as well. It is also advisable to take a hooded sweatshirt with you since it can be quite windy in winter. During the summer season a 3-5mm wet-suit is sufficient. Gloves are not really needed and are actually forbidden by the National Park regulations.

We have the full range of diving gear for rent. All sizes of 5 mm top and long John wetsuits and full 5 mm one piece for colder water temperatures. We do recommend to have your own mask that you know fits you well. If you wear prescription glasses make sure that you either get some contact lenses or a prescription mask.


If you travel from a European country, we do advice to book your flight, hotel and transportation with a tour operator. Their package deals are usually much cheaper than booking hotel and flights separately. Benefit from a better rate when you Pre-book your Diving packages and diving courses directly with us . However, even if you don’t, we are able to accommodate to your diving needs right at the counter!

We recommend that all travelers take out insurance to cover cancellation, lost or stolen luggage and medical or hospital costs. Divers are advised to join DAN or a similar organization .

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